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Increase your business exposure with AMX marketing solutions:

AMX can plan strategies and tactics to identify, create and maintain satisfying relationships with your customers that result in value for both your business and your customer.

AMX uses a three step process to give tangible marketing results:

Identify - Arguably the most important marketing function involves efforts needed to gain knowledge of your customers, competitors, and markets.

Create - Target the correct market and devise new strategies and tactics that will help your organization remain successful and prominent within that market. This could include negotiating advertising space in publications, organising outdoor promotions, exhibitions or trade shows. AMX will advise on the correct way of appealing to your market and will create a strategy tailor made for your business.

Maintain - AMX works hard to insure customers return to purchase from our clients time after time. Our success is not simply measured on how many individual sales we can bring our clients but how long we can retain a good customer for a client.

Understanding the needs of customers.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM), insures that everyone in an organization, not just AMX, understands the importance of customers. AMX can help maintain close and consistent relationships with customers through all points of customer contact within your business.

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