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Increase your business returns with AMX monitoring solutions:

Campaign monitoring solutions

Monitoring the feedback and leads generated from advertising and marketing initiatives is the only way of gauging campaign success and return on investment. It enables us to determine which initiatives are working and which aren't, therefore allowing us to make adjustments accordingly. Monitoring your return on investment ensures you have the most cost effective and suitable solution.

AMX can monitor individual or collective adverts or campaigns by a variety of different methods. These can include campaign specific non-geographical telephone numbers and Tracking URL's.

A variety of different information can be harvested, from customer demographics to customer behavioral information. This information can then be compiled and analysed to give an accurate account of how successful a campaign or advert has been.

Comparison between campaigns allows us to pinpoint which initiatives are performing best for your business.

Brand management and monitoring solutions

AMX can not only monitor your ROI. We can monitor the way in which your company presents itself to its prospects, customers, employees, press and investors.

An organisation is perceived through its corporate image, identity and brands. Sometimes this perception can be diluted through the improper use of its image etc.

AMX's brand monitoring services help ensure consistent, seamless brand communications that present one face and one personality.

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